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Editor’s Note: From time to time it is our pleasure to bring you news of new products that may be of interest to AZBW readers. We present the following for your information only; publishing the following articles in no way constitutes our endorsement of any of these products. Further, prices given are those that were in effect at press time.

Got A Flat?

Sometimes That’s A Good Thing

Keeping swim platforms in good condition has now been made easier. On larger vessels, boaters can rely on flat fenders from Aeré to provide superior protection for swim platforms, the stern, and gunnels in almost any situation.

Similar to fender boards, these flats are made of heavy-duty materials and were designed to protect the stern or swim platform of larger yachts — thus eliminating platform damage even when docking stern-to, rafting stern-to-stern with another boat or when smaller craft are alongside.  Because of its design, the fender will not roll under or on top of the dock or platform. 

The flat’s relative thinness permits a small step from the tender or small craft to the platform.  Because most models come with stainless steel "D" rings on each end and more on one edge, the fenders attach securely and easily. 

Aeré flat fenders range from an 8' x 1' model to a 16' x 2' model; they are 8" thick and come in charcoal grey with a black wear face.  In the development stage is a 3' x 2' model; it will be available soon.

Flat fender retail prices begin at $499.

For more information, contact Aeré, 12207 NW 35th Street, Coral Springs, Fla., 33065; Ph: 301-324-1380; Fax: 301-593-6158;;

It’s A Breeze!

Maintaining Zippers And Snaps 

Metal fasteners that are used to snap and zip awnings, boat covers and the like into place can really suffer from exposure to water and sunlight. Snaps corrode; zippers jam.

However, there is a product from Iosso Products that can keep them in good working order: E-Z Snap Lubricant. It’s a clear coating that protects, will not rinse away, nor dissipate in the heat.

Amazingly, it waterproofs and lubricates yet leaves no sticky build-up.  Snaps keep strong and zippers move freely. 

Hinges don’t stick, and hardware doesn’t corrode when boaters use E-Z Snap.  This product can be used at the start of the boating season or at the end of it — in preparation for winter storing.

Safe and non-hazardous, E-Z Snap has no solvents, silicone, or Teflon, so there is no need for special precautions when boaters apply it. It goes on easily too with just a simple squeeze of the tube to apply what is needed.

 E-Z Snap is available in a 1-1/2-oz tube for $5.46.

 For more information, contact Iosso Products, 1485 Lively Blvd. Elk Grove, IL 60007.  Phone: 847-437-8400; Website:

WaterWitch 230 Bilge Pump

A dead battery or a burned-out bilge pump is usually caused by a stuck or defective float switch. Consequently, there may be a dockside sinking.

WaterWitch Model 230 Electronic Bilge Pump is answering this problem by eliminating the problems of outdated and unreliable mechanical floats. Their product uses solid-state technology to avoid a sinking.

Some of the problems of a mechanical float have been that they are difficult to mount because they are hidden in a hard-to-access area of the bilge, and they easily foul from debris, fiberglass, material buildup, and sometimes dropped tools. Further, the moving parts of a conventional float can wear out without any warning, and the boat’s owner does not know there is a serious problem until it is too late.

WaterWitch 230 has no moving parts. On-and-off delays are built into the switch’s circuitry, eliminating accidental activation and stuttering — often problems in float-type units.

How high or low the 2-5/8" x 1-5/8" switch is placed governs pump activation. Then, to clear the discharge hose after pumping, the WaterWitch 230 has a 14-second, end-of-cycle delay prior to the bilge pump’s turn off.

Dirty water or a bilgeful of gas, diesel, or oil? This switch can tell the difference. If there are heavy concentrations of any of these hydrocarbon-based fluids, the switch prevents pump activation, thus avoiding a fine from the authorities. 

This is one of the reasons that vessels of both the U.S. and Canadian coast guards use the 230.

Temperature, humidity, electrical noise: None of these affects WaterWitch 230. Further, it will not interfere with autopilots, navigational gear or other electronics. 

The small, 6-milliamp current draw, which is necessary to provide continuous protection, has virtually no effect on the battery.

There is a seven-year limited warrant on the switch. At press time, the retail price of the WaterWitch 230 Bilge Pump Switch is $45.09.

For more information, contact WaterWitch Inc., 10744 Rockvill St., Suite 103, Santee, CA 92071;  Phone Toll-Free: 800-654-4783; Fax: 619-258-6775;

Peel-N-Patch Repair Kit

For making either temporary or permanent boat repairs, boaters may find that Ducky Products has "just the ticket" — a Peel-n-Patch. It takes only minutes to apply and cure and can be sanded and painted.  

UV activated, fiberglass-reinforced, Peel-n-Patch is a self-adhesive patch that works on cracks in the hull, bait tanks, water lines, and sanitation systems.  When used to repair exhaust leaks, the dangers from carbon-dioxide poisoning are eliminated.         

To use, one simply needs to peel-off the backing and apply the patch to the area of concern. When exposed to sunlight or a UV light, the application cures in 10 to 20 minutes. It will adhere to almost any dry surface, is non-toxic and non-flammable.          

There is no mixing, no gloves, and no mess. With a maximum rating of 500 PSI, Peel-n-Patch works in temperatures between -30° to 500° F.

Packages include one, 3" x 6" patch that may be cut to size. Any unused portion can be repackaged and stored for up to three months. At press time, the retail price was $11.99.

For more information, contact Ducky Products, 530 South Lake Ave., #163, Pasadena, Calif., 91101; phone: 626-797-7226;;

Tackle Hatch

Keeping tackle organized and protected from the elements is a prime concern for anglers. They could benefit from the redesigned 1323 Access Tackle Hatch from Tempress Products, which provides easy access and keeps gear safe and dry.

The new hatch, which measures 13" x 23", was designed to work with the Access Hatch Series, and to accompany the 1115 Tackle Hatch and Access Cam line of hatches.  For older hatches, it can be retrofitted or purchased as a kit for new installation.

This tackle hatch is strong. Anglers can stand on it without worrying as it is constructed of fiberglass-filled polypropylene.

The hatch includes a heavy duty, roto-molded polypropylene liner that can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, and it contains four Plano 3700-50 clear storage boxes held securely by molded ribs.

It was more than 20 years ago that Tempress first introduced the self-contained, built-in tackle hatch to provide more storage, better organization and improved protection from water and sea spray. 

Also offering accompanying storage liners, Tempress Products manufactures a full range of marine watertight hatches in a variety of colors           

At press time, the redesigned 1323 Tackle Hatch retailed for $189.

 For more information, contact Tempress Products, 5052 Sharp St., Dallas, TX 75247  Phone: 214-678-9400 (Toll-free 877-234-7466); Fax: 214-678-9430;; or

Water Spot Remover

An annoying fact of maritime life is that there are difficult hard-water stains with which to contend. Boaters are finding that Water Spot Remover from Ducky Products will protect their craft's finish and keep it clean and stain-free.

The first product of its kind for the marine industry, Ducky's Water Spot Remover was developed in 1989.

The real problem with hard-water stains is that they will, over time, permanently etch any surface, dulling its beauty. However, if they spray on the remover as soon as possible after exposure, boat owners can eliminate potential damage to their craft's finish.

Application is simple: Boaters can spray the affected area with Ducky Spot Remover, then wipe it off with a soft cloth. And, owners who use the remover are protecting both their craft and the environment because it is biodegradable.

Available in two sizes, Ducky water Spot Remover comes in a 32-ounce spray bottle ($9.95) and in a one-gallon refill ($24.95).  Boaters can find Ducky Water Spot Remover at most major marine retail outlets and online at

        For more information, contact Ducky Products, 530 South Lake Ave., #163, Pasadena, California 91101; Phone: 626-797-7226;;

Inflatable Fenders

Boaters know that fenders protect a boat's gunnels and hull from damage. However, Aeré inflatable fenders found a special application on the 235' MV Fairweather

The catamaran, which is powered by four 4,827-hp diesel engines and four waterjets, is one of Alaska Marine Highway's new fleet of fast vehicle ferries operating in southeast Alaska. It was launched in 2004, but soon the 42-knot vessel developed engine problems that forced replacement of all cylinder sleeves. 

Instead of removing the engines for re-boring, technicians conducted repairs onboard while the vessel was docked.  Twelve, 4' x 5' Aeré fenders were employed to isolate Fairweather from the dock during machining operations.

Paul Johnsen of Alaska Marine Highway System said, "We were experiencing sharp impacts when the vessel contacted the dock on heavy weather days in Ketchikan, Alaska.  The engine technicians informed us these impacts would cause their in-place machine tool to chatter, so work would need to stop during rough wave conditions.  The Aeré fenders were purchased to provide maximum cushion so that work could continue, regardless of weather." 

The Aeré fender system was recommended by the ship builder because it could protect the vessel’s lightweight aluminum hull, spreading the forces without damaging the side of the craft.

"During the machining, we experienced no lost days due to bad weather," Johnson said. The 10 weeks of repair were completed, and Fairweather went back into regular service on June 1.      

Ranging from 12" x 29" to 4’ x 20’, Aeré fenders require minimal storage space because they deflate and fold up.  Durable material, high-quality air valves, a variety of colors make these fenders particularly appealing to boaters.

For more information, contact Aeré, 215A Westhampton Place, Capitol Heights, MD 20743  Ph: 301-324-1380; Fax: 301-593-6158;;

Grills For Boaters

Magma grills have been designed by boaters—for boaters, and according to Magma President Jim Mashburn, "That’s the difference."

Mashburn and his twin brother Jerry have advanced their original Marine Kettle into the #1-selling marine grill in the world, and the company is now celebrating its 30-year anniversary with a complete top-to-bottom re-design of the original Marine Kettle — the Marine Kettle 2—or MK2 for short.               

Magma has added a balanced hinged lid that lets the cook keep both hands free.  This lid is uniquely designed not to slam shut if the boat rolls. Magma’s patented Radiant Plate and Dome System allows for easy conversion from grilling to direct, over-the-flame cooking, and the system also distributes heat evenly across the entire grill surface.

Another positive is that the new MK2 has solved wind problems and is blowout-proof.     

Via a "bayonet-style" lock, the Turbo Venturi tube attaches to the fuel source. This permits quick, safe and nearly instantaneous change of the fuel canister.  It also gives the MK2 a distinct advantage over wind, improperly cooked foods and, according to Mashburn, the competition.

The MK2 also is attractive with its totally re-designed 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel exterior. The stainless steel burner has been re-engineered to more evenly distribute heat and reduce flare-ups. 

Adding safety, increased durability, and maintaining its attractive looks is the double-lining with two complete layers of stainless steel. There is another addition too:  a front-mounted, push-button Piezo Igniter for quick lighting and a new, cast-stainless steel "Stay Cool" handle.

Offering a large selection of mounts to fit any boat, Magma’s attach easily for cooking and detach just as easily for stowing after use.  They also offer a full line of grilling accessories and grill covers.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of  al-stainless steel grills and the only major supplier of US-made onboard boat grills, Magma’s product line includes onboard boat grills, residential stainless steel grills, grilling accessories, propane accessories, serving tables, fishing and filet tables, stainless steel cookware, boat umbrellas, stabilizers and outriggers.

Magma’s MK2 series of Marine Kettle gas grills come in two sizes: the "Original" 15" model that sells for $159.95, and the "Party Size" 17" model that retails for $189.95.

For additional information or the name of the nearest dealer, contact Magma Products 3940 Pixie Ave., Lakewood, CA 90712; Phone: 562-627-0500; E-mail:; Website:

Fish Cutting, Serving Tables

In addition to their grilling products, Magma also is the world's leading producer of high-quality fish cutting and serving tables for boats of all sizes. Top fishermen have relied on these durable, maintenance-free tables for over 20 years.

 Tables range from the 51"-long, dual mounted, First-Mate series, to the newest Econo-Mate tables, which are perfect for bait preparation and smaller catches. Both have a large selection of mounting options.

Designed for boats without standard-type rod holders or railings—and for craft without sufficient on-board space for one of Magma’s larger tables, Econo-Mates offer the same convenience of a stable, bait-prep station, but fold completely flat for compact storage.

They do not attach to a rod holder or onto a railing; instead, the tables attach to the boat's gunnel with a hinged, stainless steel plate. The plate is inserted into a small, polyethylene mounting pad, which instantly connects or disconnects with a stainless steel push/pull pin. 

Extra polyethylene mounting pads are available for mounting at multiple positions anywhere on the boat.  Further, the table can be readily moved to another location when wind conditions or the boat's location changes.

All Magma fish-cutting tables are designed for over-the-side water drainage, thus keeping fishing debris off the deck.  For easy access, they are also equipped with blade-safe, filet knife holsters, and storage slots for fishing pliers.

Tables are made from the highest-quality, UV-stabilized, high-density polyethylene that is FDA-approved for food service. They are virtually indestructible, easy to clean, maintenance-free, and will not absorb fish odors, crack or mildew.

The world’s largest manufacturer of all-polyethylene bait/filet tables and stainless steel boat grills, Magma Products is the only major supplier of these products made in the USA. 

Their other products include a complete line of fish-cutting and food-service tables, boat and residential stainless steel grills, grilling accessories, gourmet-quality, nesting stainless steel cookware, rail-mounted boat umbrellas, and anti-roll stabilizer systems.      

The Econo-Mate tables are available in sizes of 12" x 16" and 20" x 16".  Suggested retail prices are $47.95 and $59.95 respectively. The tables can be purchased at most quality marine retailers.

 Contact Magma Products at 3940 Pixie Ave., Lakewood, CA 90712; Phone: 562-627-0500; E-mail:;

New Mooring Buoys

Lake Powell, with its awe-inspiring high cliffs and vistas, has long been considered a boater’s paradise. 

However, the 140-mile-long reservoir behind Glen Canyon Dam has an extreme 250-ft depth and 100-ft seasonal variations in water level; these factors have made the mooring of 25-ton, 75-foot houseboats unreliable. 

Enter a unique buoy-anchoring field and new mooring buoys from Premier Materials, and the anchorage problems were solved.

Wahweap Marina and the Hall's Crossing and Bullfrog marinas in Utah are part of Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas, an authorized concessionaire of the National Park Service.  Managed by ARAMARK, the marinas are home to hundreds of houseboats—many up to the lake's maximum permissible size of 75'.

In addition to the variations in water level and the lake's depth, the marinas' old moorings and steel buoys constantly needed maintenance. Today, however, each marina contains a new grid-based mooring field using Premier Materials' mooring buoys. 

Nearly 630 new buoys were installed—250 buoys for boats 55' or less and the remaining 380 buoys for boats up to 75'.

The Premier buoys are one-piece, roto-molded spheres filled with void-free EPS foam.  Nearly impervious to oil, gas, animal damage and impacts, the watertight, heavy LLPDE outer shell provides a product life of more than 20 years. The buoys, which have buoyancy ratings from 581 lbs. to 1,321 lbs., are available in diameters of 32", 38" and 42".   

A 12-gauge, molded-in steel tube runs through the center of each buoy to accommodate anchoring and tie-down hardware. All buoys are white with a 2" reflective, blue vinyl stripe for added visibility.

ARAMARK's Dean Crane said, "We selected Premier mooring buoys for several reasons.  They require absolutely zero maintenance and they have a lot more buoyancy than the old steel units.  Plus, in case of accidental contact with the boat, the hull won't be damaged or even marked." 

More information on ARAMARK's Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas operations can be seen at

Premier's heavy-duty mooring buoys range from $270 to $466.

Contact Premier Materials Technology, 7401 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432; Phone: Toll-Free 1-800-262-2275; Fax: 1-763-785-1509;;

Inflatable Life Jacket

As a Type V inflatable life jacket with Type III performance, Float-Tech® jacket has received U.S. Coast Guard approval, according to officials at Float-Tech Inc., designers and manufacturers of advanced personal-flotation devices.    

Several concerns such as weight and bulkiness have often discouraged people from wearing PFDs. This jacket was designed to get around those concerns.

Its proprietary zip-in liner can be worn alone as a vest or zipped into all-season, lightweight, waterproof, and breathable performance outerwear. 

Sleeves that zip off, a hidden, brimmed hood, reflective fabric, and access points that allow an internal safety harness are all part of the rip-stop nylon jacket shell, also manufactured by Float-Tech.      

"Many water-related deaths or injuries are caused by the lack of a life jacket," said Jeff Betz, the company’s chief operating officer.  "We designed our automatic, inflatable Float-Tech life jacket to help save lives by making it easier to wear and building in the increased style, comfort, and versatility identified by boaters, fisherman and other water-related sports and industry users as critical."

It only takes three to five seconds to automatically activate the jacket’s zip-in liner when immersed in water. Or, it can be manually inflated before entry.

"Our product is the first inflatable life jacket to be integrated inside outerwear and pass the Coast Guard's turn-over test," said Michael Lobsinger, Float Tech's chief technology officer.  "This means an unconscious victim, face-down, will turn over so the nose and mouth are out of the water."      

For further information on approval criteria, visit

 The USCG-approved Float-Tech life jacket has a suggested retail price of $299.99.     

For retail locations or more information, contact Float-Tech Inc, 216 River Street, Troy, NY 12180; Ph.: 518-266-0964; Fax: 518-266-0318;;

 Float-Tech and 3M are registered trademarks of Float-Tech, Inc and 3M Company